WordPress User FAQs

Why should I use wpTestDrive?

A basic WordPress theme/plugin preview is too limited. This makes it challenging to assess what will really work for you. For most people, buying before trying doesn’t make sense. It’s frustrating to purchase a theme that has an amazing preview but a poor development experience. Even worse, it can be expensive.

wpTestDrive solves these problems. We make it easy to assess and decide which theme/plugin is right for you. We give you 10-day access to full WordPress themes and plugins in one-click, so you can play before you pay. After a wpTestDrive, you’ll be able to purchase your theme or plugin with confidence.

Even better, our service is free. Think of us as your no-risk WordPress playground.

Why don’t you have every WordPress theme and plugin for me to TestDrive?

In short, we can’t afford them all. And there’s a lot of them.

In addition and when possible, we purchase unlimited licenses for the themes and plugins offered for TestDrive on our site. Buying the correct license helps us support the WordPress developers who create these great plugins and themes.

More importantly, we try to select themes that we believe are a quality product – themes that we think you’ll want to use. That eliminates many possibilities.

Over time, we want to add the top 200 WordPress themes and plugins for your to TestDrive pleasure. The more people that use this site, the larger the budget we’ll have for themes and plugins.

How long can I TestDrive a theme for?

By creating a free account with us, you’re able to access full 10-day TestDrive experiences.

How do I create an account?

It’s simple. Register for your account here.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • TestDrive any plugin or theme for 10 days.
  • No limit to the number of TestDrives
  • Receive new plugin & theme notifications via email
  • Get notified when special offers are available within the WordPress community
  • Access your TestDrives from any device, anywhere

What are you going to use my email address for?

Not a lot. We’re going to send you the occasional update when we add themes and plugins, offer specials that we learn about in the WordPress community and that’s about it. You should know:

  • We hate SPAM as much as you
  • We will NEVER share your email address with a plugin developer, a theme developer or anyone else
  • We use Mailchimp which means you can unsubscribe anytime from our email updates, any time, hassle-free. We’ll miss you, but that’s your call.

Does my account disappear after 10 days?

No. Once your account is set up, it’s yours. Each TestDrive you create is active for 10 days.

Can I extend a TestDrive?

No. At this time, any TestDrive you create is limited to 10 days. We believe that should be ample time to assess which product is right for you.

Once I’ve chosen a theme, can I take my test site with me?

No. For this reason, we don’t recommend building your entire site in a TestDrive.

Why do you do this?

We believe our service empowers the WordPress community. Full 10-day access to WordPress themes and plugins enables thorough evaluation of products, reduces stress, removes risk, saves time and allows WordPress users to make informed buying decisions.

We believe in this service. It feels right. wpTestDrive solves a problem we’ve had over the years. Nobody likes surprises – certainly not when buying WordPress products. Like we say on the home page, surprises are for birthdays!

Do you make money from this?

We cover our costs and generate revenue through affiliate sales & advertising revenue.