WordPress Developer FAQs

How can I get my plugin or theme on wpTestDrive?

Easy! Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact us to let us know you’d like your WordPress product listed.
  2. Provide us with the files for your plugin or theme.
  3. Help us set up and affiliate account with you.
  4. We’ll have your WordPress theme or plugin live on the site within a few weeks.
  5. Tell your customers. We’ll tell ours too!

How does wpTestDrive secure my code on a demo site?

As developers ourselves, we’ve gone to great lengths to keep developers’ plugins and themes safe. Here’s how:

  • When a user creates a new TestDrive on our site, they are testing as an “Admin” in a Multisite environment. This means they have no access to pages such as /wp-admin/plugin-editor.php or /wp-admin/theme-editor.php. This is essentially the same as any user who uses WordPress.com… they have no access (read or write) to any plugin or theme code. They are also unable to upload or download their own plugins or themes.
  • Each plugin and theme author has their plugin and/or theme installed on their own site. For example, we install plugins either individually or by plugin developer  on your own site – i.e. cp-01.wptestdrive.net. If we set up a TestDrive for your product, only your products would be installed there along with any other theme or plugin that might be necessary to fully test your plugin. For example, we usually include the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin on most installs as many users often need it.
  • Keeping your plugins/themes on their own site protects your products from any vulnerability that might arise from other developers we support. For example, if another theme developer we support has a security hole in their product which compromises its site, it will only affect their site and none of the other developers’ sites.

Still curious? Feel free to TestDrive one of the Themes or Plugins we have available. It’s free to TestDrive and no registration is required. Just click the “Just TestDrive this theme as a guest for 1 day” link.

As developers, we’ve been in the premium WordPress space for almost a decade and understand the importance of protecting software AND the importance of getting paid for your work. Our #1 concern while building wpTestDrive was keeping developer’s code safe and protected.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.