Our free service empowers WordPress users by offering admin access to WordPress products for 10-day TestDrives. We give people the ability try WordPress themes and plugins IN FULL, BEFORE they buy. WordPress users come to us to ensure they’re selecting the right WordPress product.

Our service was born out of frustration. When choosing a WordPress product, there’s a moment in your selection process where you believe that you’ve made the right decision. The premium theme you’ve chosen LOOKS great and seems to have the functionality you’re after… but having to buy the theme before seeing how it PERFORMS is a risk we believe you shouldn’t have to take. Occasionally, when a TestDrive option does exist, it’s shared with dozens of other users. Not exactly a real-world experience.

How We Help

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve felt let down when a theme or plugin didn’t work the way you thought it would. wpTestDrive solves a problem we’ve experienced ourselves.

We believe our service empowers the WordPress community. Full 10-day access to WordPress themes and plugins enables thorough evaluation of products, reduces stress, removes risk, saves time and allows WordPress users to make informed buying decisions.

Our Users Are Often:

  • Frustrated that most WordPress developers don’t offer full access to their products before purchase
  • Unsure if they’re making the right theme or plugin choice
  • Unsatisfied with the lack of insight provided by WordPress Previews or “Demos”
  • Stressed that they may be wasting their money and their time on the wrong WordPress products
  • Upset because a WordPress product they purchased didn’t perform as expected
  • Uncomfortable or unwilling to email developers lists of questions regarding what the theme/plugin can and can’t do

About The Team

Co-founded by Eric Busch of Datafeedr and Kai Hulshof of Canopy Media, wpTestDrive offers full demos of premium themes and plugins for 10-days to WordPress users worldwide. We’re the only services in the world that offers one-click WordPress setup and TestDrives of premium WordPress plugins and themes for FREE. wpTestDrive is a small team of developers and marketers with over 10 years experience in WordPress development and digital marketing. We’re here to make your website development process a little smoother.

Eric Busch

Co-founder of Datafeedr, a WordPress plugin that helps WordPress users build customized affiliate stores without any programming knowledge, Eric makes up the development and technical arm of wpTestDrive. In his spare time, you’ll find Eric growing the ultimate frisbee community in Owen Sound or climbing in a local abandoned quarry. Favourite coffee brewing method – Chemex. IDE of choice – PHPStorm. Lays down a mean short hammer throw.

Kai Hulshof

Co-founder of Canopy Media, a digital marketing consultancy that generates top line sales results for it’s clients, Kai Hulshof makes up the marketing and management arm of wpTestDrive. In his spare time, you’ll find Kai planning events for small-town record label Mudtown Records. Landcruiser lover. Rowed across Canada (technically, on a Concept2).